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A Bend In The Road …

on July 14, 2012

At one time or another, adversity comes knocking on everyone’s door. I can emphatically state that in the past 12 years, adversity has not only knocked at my door, it has pushed it in. However, what matters most is how you deal with adversity, trials and tribulation. When Stanley was first diagnosed in 2000, I chose to immediately give this burden to God, praying for strength. I needed to be strong for my son and family.

It was my faith that enabled me to deal with the heartache and pain of my son being diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor that could possibly kill him. Faith is defined in the Bible as the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. My hope was for the 100% healing of my son, and I believed that he would be healed. He believed it! That is why he was able to remain strong throughout his ordeal when the growing tumor eventually robbed him of his very essence. He repeatedly would say, “You gotta have Faith.”

His Faith was remarkable and enabled my entire family to endure throughout his illness and eventual death. Yes, Faith sustained us all! In the Bible, the book of James chapter 1 states, whenever adversity or trials come our way, we must be strong and consider it Joy, because whenever we face trials of any kind, the testing of our faith produces perseverance. This proved to be so true for us. We were all able to persevere throughout that difficult time. Stanley was able to persevere, continuing to display humor and wit and having such a zest for life. He was so strong! This is what having Faith did for my family. Faith enabled us to continue having hope and still feeling joy during some of those difficult days. And most importantly, not getting angry at God when our prayers were not answered.

I once read a quote that went like this, “A bend in the road is not the end of the road, for your destination is right around the corner.” The bend in my family’s road was losing Stanley, but that is not the end. His spirit lives with us and we know as Christians that our final destination is seeing him again one day.


One response to “A Bend In The Road …

  1. Judi Barbosa says:

    A bend in the road is NOT the end of the road. Looking ahead to see what is right around the corner. Excited to see what IS right around the corner.

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