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Just breathe…

on July 11, 2012

It’s been quite sometime since I wrote something in this Blog.  Things have been quite hectic for me since my last entry. I know, I know, that is no excuse!  Everyone has things going on in this fast-paced, busy, busy world that we now live in.  We simply must make or take the time to do what we would like or need to do!  I hope to get better at Blogging for I really have a lot to say. I have been journaling since my son Stanley was diagnosed in 2000.  I found it cathartic to journal after hearing the most devastating news every parent fears, the possibility that your beloved child could possibly die!

I needed to release my thoughts on paper, for when speaking them aloud to family & friends, I discovered many of them were uncomfortable or fearful in discussing the possibility that we could lose Stanley.  However, I had given my fears to God from that very first day in learning that he had a brain tumor.  When crying out to God, I asked Him to give me peace with what was happening, and He did!  So, writing became my way of talking about it but just not getting feedback.

Although I constantly spoke aloud to God, asking Him to heal Stanley, I found that I still needed a release, a way of letting go all of the what if’s building up inside me.  I felt as if I was caught up in a whirlwind,like a spinning wheel unable to stop.  It was then that I began to just breathe. Taking deep breath’s and slowly releasing them worked, helping to release any anxiety acquired during Stanley’s illness and eventual passing on.

I believe many people today, should do likewise. Today, with ever-changing technology, people appearing to always be in a hurry,too busy for family and friends, too busy to stop,  too busy to relax and just breathe.  I need to practice more of what I preach,  relaxing more, time to write in my Blog as I so diligently did when Stanley was ill.   Enough of the busyness!  Slow dow, relax and just breathe!


One response to “Just breathe…

  1. Judi Barbosa says:

    Keep blogging please. Anxious to read more.

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