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For All You Dreamers Out There…

on March 9, 2012

Welcome to StanleysDream Blog!

As Stanley’s Mom, I am so excited to be posting this very first Stanley’s Dream Blog.  It is my intention to introduce many of you to my son Stanley for the first time and to reacquaint him to those that knew him.  Stanley passed away ten years ago at the age of 14 years, 5 months, and 8 days old.  Yes, parents that have lost a child tend to forever calculate dates in their mind.  It seems as though for the past ten years of my life, I have found myself relating to dates and events as BD (before Stan’s death) and AD (after Stan’s death).

However, this Blog is not to be one of sadness. For I want everyone to get to know our Stanley, or Stan as we called him (sometimes little Stan because his Dad is named Stan also) as the boy and later young man that he was.  Someone who couldn’t help but put a smile on the faces of anyone that knew or met him.  In fact, he was quite a character!  It didn’t take long for us to learn just how much of a character he was from a young age.  For instance, just to give you a brief vision; he shaved off one of his eyebrows completely at 5 years old.  When my husband and I first noticed and after ensuring that he was ok, we asked what would make him do such a thing?  His reply was that he wanted to shave like his Daddy.  After reprimanding him and telling him that he could have cut himself, he replied that he hadn’t because he knew what he was doing.  We told him that if he knew what he was doing, he wouldn’t have shaved off his eyebrow!  He then stated that he didn’t have hair on his face yet!  I hope to convey additional antics of Stan’s throughout this blog’s journey as well as information about Stanley’s Dream Foundation.

Two year’s after Stan died, my husband and I decided still in the throe’s of grief to establish a foundation as a way to channel that grief into something positive.  As a result, we created Stanley’s Dream foundation.  We wanted  to continue the legacy of our son and make his DREAM a reality for others.  Many may ask just what was his dream?  Stanley’s dream was always to go to college. From quite a young age, he would state that he couldn’t wait to go away to college.  His interest in part was due to my husband and I constantly reinforcing the need for further education to our children, and also because of movies and tv shows he had watched about college life, further peaking his curiousity.  He had always been a gifted student, so there was never a question that he would attend college one day, perhaps even on academic scholarship.  However, after his diagnosis of brain cancer at the age of 12 years old, he developed learning disabilities and physical deficits after surgery to remove the tumor.  His surgeon being unable to completely dissect the entire tumor due to its location, required Stan to endure intensive chemotherapy and radiation.  However, he was still determined to attend college one day and constantly asked his oncologist if he would ever be cured so that he could.  We prayed diligently that he would be cured!

However, many who witnessed the struggles that Stan went through after surgery and rehabilitation may have deemed the probability of him ever attending college impossible.  They didn’t know our Stan!  He struggled with schoolwork even though he developed Aphasia, making speech difficult and new learning a challenge due to short term memory loss.  Yet, he pressed on!  He dreamed of being cured so that college could become his reality instead of just his dream.  Unfortunately, that was not to be!  For this reason we decided the best name for our foundation had to be STANLEY’S DREAM.  Although Stanley didn’t live to see HIS dream fulfilled; raising money through our foundation awarding college scholarships to needy students, would ensure that his dream become a reality for others.  Stanley’s Dream Foundation has also awarded (five) research grants thus far to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where Stan was treated.  It is our hope that through extensive research, a cause may be uncovered as to why so many children are being diagnosed with brain tumors and hopefully, eventually a cure.  Please view our website at


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  2. Judi Barbosa says:

    I love that you now have a blog!!! This is great! Looking forward to reading and learning more about Stanley and Stanley’s Dream.

  3. Joey Beckford says:

    Awesome job! Looking forward to hearing more! Love you! Joey

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